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What Is the Proper Men Clothing?

The proper men clothing means the men who wearing the clothes or any kind of clothes are that most be looking different and perfect set with the men body safe that is proper men clothing or clothes are means shirt or t-shirt always chose the perfect one which is really shout on your personality then you guys get a perfect safe of men fashion other wise your money and time is totally worth, if you don't want to worth that thing then you guys always follow the all rules of the perfect men clothing and arrangement okay guys careful while men clothing.

Which Types Of Clothes Are Best For Men Fashion Style.

The perfect men clothes and perfect men style clothes are always giving us a different types of looks you know why because of the men who arrange that clothes that are perfect and matching with the men personality that why the men who have better knowledge about the men style or men fashion  that are men always looking different and unique and other people are always thing about that men how hi arrange like that types of clothes and that other people means common people are take one picture his style and fashion and they always match like that.

But friends you guys deserve more then this or that, that's why I am sharing this point and every hidden point then who wear perfect clothes and always looking great and perfect but they are not sharing the real knowledge and the perfect points which are really help you to get that types of personality and how to arrange the clothes, how to match clothes and you guys make a different which one is good, great and perfect or the top men mistake of clothing you guys always avoid that thing an then you guys also fell comfortable with that any where.

That is the main motive of SN MEN STYLE so guys always be with SN for getting this types of knowledge about the men fashion clothing. Now we can see the which types of clothes are best for perfect men style, today we talking about the shirt and t-shirt first I am going to explain about the t-shirt. The men always chose perfect t-shirt how to find perfect t-shirt so people always focus on the shoulder at the shoulder t-shirt most be small and most be visible tricep and your t-shirt most be fit on your body that is called the perfect men fashion t-shirt.

And the shirt are most be fit and not looking like a out fit if your chose is out fit then stop doing that because for the stylish men never doing that you know why because of the that types of shirt always show you are not confident or you are also fell uncomfortable so guy what is your chose I am just provide you the real men fashion shirt knowledge because you guys also make your self stylish and be a comfortable with the perfect men style, so if you want to get perfect men style or men fashion then do this all thing what I explain here other wise you can do what you like.

What Is The Rules Of Men Fashion Clothing Style?

The men fashion clothing style rules are, if you are wearing the clothes with shirt and t-shirt then you guys most be follow the rules means what the clothes are most be matching, arranging and most be combine with the men personality everything is looking great with shirt and t-shirt, okays guys and also you have to combine the shoe, belt and watch belt or paints so guys which one is good to combine with which one so guys if you are wearing the shirt and paints in that case the people doing some mistake what is that shirt and paint are separate they are right here.

But the mistake is shirt combine with the shoe that is mistake you guys consider this is the big mistake understand but we have one solution that is if you are combine your shoe with shirt in that case people most wear above the shirt some thing like jacket or coat that's perfect. And guy what about the t-shirt how we combine the t-shirt and paint here totally different form the shirt vice versa opposite here we can combine the shoe with the t-shirt most combine the shoe or if you are wearing the coat and jacket in that case you can match your paints or jeans.

With t-shirt same color or shoe is also same color that is perfect one combination you guys know about the colors in the world seven color but know the people are separate the each colors and makes seven, seven colors select the any of the color and same color everything or some time combine same color paints, shirt and shoe but take coat and jacket different color, and what I said the previous line combine like that so guys we have a different different condition of clothes matching and combination which one you guys like most do that chose is yours.

Mens Are Doing Mistake Wearing The Shirt And T-Shirt.


In this picture we can see the men who wearing the clothes that are perfect and perfect mistake why they are doing the mistake I am already explain above the line but the men wearing the clothes in this picture the mid men the red cross one that is totally wrong t-shirt wearing but not all thing are wrong here the jeans, shoe are perfect and only one wrong that is t-shirt why as you can see here the t-shirt not perfectly set on the body that's why the tricep not show with long slips that's why guys if you are miss the above the line to read then take a look on that line then you understand.

Now the left two mens are perfect why that are perfect because the men are follow the all rules of the men fashion clothing style that's why right and here we can see the men wearing the clothes are really perfect and matching with men personality no any mistake that's why this two one is perfect, I am already explain about the wrong and right if you are miss that like then go and read then after you guys are understand about the perfect men fashion style how many condition are full fill, after this hope you guys are not do any kinds of mistake in future while clothing.


In this picture we can see the mens who wearing the clothes that are really perfect and not really perfect, the are wearing the shirt one is perfect only because of the the men following the all rules of shirt which types of shirt is best and which types of shirt isn't good for men that all condition are full fill here but the second men which have a cross mark that one is also looking good shirt but it's wrong why it's wrong because of the the who wearing the white shirt that one not following the rules and any kind of condition are full fill here that's why it's wrong.

In between two mens are wear shirt one is yellow shirt with white line and another men wearing the white shirt in between two which one is wrong or which one is right we know that right why the white shirt is wrong here we know that the not following the rules that's why but what is the mistake here the mistake is long slips and out fit shirt which is not shout on the men right the men size is thik or shirt size is out that's why right guys. So guys how you like the mens are doing the in a whole life who don't know about the fashion style but know you understand about it, what you do.

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