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Top Men Mistakes

Top Mistakes Men Makes While Styling.

The men makes top mistake while styling why? Because they don't know about it that's why right but some one know about it but they still doing mistake why? Because they know about men fashion style that's why means other people are don't know if I do anything then what happen if other people know then it will be happening any or any comment on my fashion style.

Some how that types of people are right because they always thought the people who don't know about men fashion style then what they understand about style. If I do wrong thing or wrong combination of clothes or if I will matching wrong way clothes first people most know perfect men style then I will change my thought but if there are no body knows about men style rules then easy.

To explore our style what ever top mistakes or right no mater what in this article you can see the men who think the other people are don't know about style then they trying to makes them fool but that kinds of people are don't know smart people they definitely detect what they made mistakes and Guys don't do this types of style in whole life it is some how it right but not any if you are a gentleman or love fashion style then never ever do top men mistake like other people do or did.

The men who think I am the smartest  people of entire world that types of people always doing mistakes only because of overconfident an then people start doing mistakes not only mistakes while style the top men mistakes so guy a humble person in a whole life with SN Men Style. And always take a right decision for Fashion Style and your life if you are confident then everything is easy.

Top Men Mistakes While Clothes Fashion Style.

Top Men Mistakes

In this picture we can see the men who wearing the clothes that are Paint, Shirt, Shoe, Belt and Watch int his both picture both men wearing the same picture but here not men are looking awesome or dashing one men wearing great combination of clothes and the another men wearing a worth clothes combination that is you knows.

The first men wearing the clothes I am already showing you wrong men fashion style you know why because the who wearing the clothes that is not good why because he matching the Shoe with Shirt that why In the past post article I said never match you shirt with shoe you can read here The Why Not Good For Shirt.

The First men wearing the clothes Black Shirt, Black Shoe, white Paint and Black Watch that's why it not good combination of clothes once you visit that post then know about Shoe never combine with Shirt and why only combine with T-Shirt.

The second men who wearing the clothes that is perfect combination and matching you can see here the men who wearing the Grey Shirt, Black Paint, Brown Shoe, Brown Belt and Brown Watch he is matching the shoe belt and watch are same color and shirt and paint are different color remember one thing never match your shoe with shirt. Guys when you guys wearing shirt with jacket or coat then.

what you will do you guys will match your shoe with shirt no never in that case we can match our shoe with jacket, coat and paint or we can see here in this picture shoe is matching with belt and watch. Okay guy hope you all understand about this picture.

Top Men Mistake While Clothes Fashion Style.

In this picture we can see same thing do this men or another men is wearing perfect combination of clothes. Top Men Mistakes means many thing are hide I will show you every thing front of you guys first you have to understand about shoe and shirt combination.

The men who wearing the White Shirt, White Shoe that is 100% wrong shoe is only for T-Shirt and coat jacket and paint etc but here he wearing the sneakers shoe but it's not a sneakers that's why this not good if this is sneakers then it's okay.

The men who wearing the perfect matching clothes that right men fashion style always doing this types of style guys this type of style giving you great and awesome look. Here we can see the men clothes that are White Shirt, Dark Blue Paint, Brown Shoe, Belt Brown And Brown Belt everything are match perfectly. Select the right one.

Top Men Mistakes While Clothes Styling.

In this picture we can see the men who wearing the clothes the green picture is perfect combination and the cross is totally worth clothes combination. Why it's worth combination that is already I explain you above the pictures.

But you can see this picture Cross one the men clothes totally wrong why because he matching shoe with shirt that't guys if he is matching the shoe with paint and belt then it's looking great but he is matching shoe with shirt that's why it's wrong.

The men who wearing the clothes with perfect matching with shoe and paint that is the right way to styling  men he is matching the clothes Shoe Black, Black Paint, Black Belt and Black Watch this is the right combination of clothes an he is knowledgeable stylish men, and Shirt is White color totally unique color.

Top Men Mistakes While Clothes Styling.

Here we can also see the men who looking perfect stylish men or who is looking worth stylish men simple to understand the cross picture is worth why because he is matching the shirt with shoe that's why but tick one picture is looking great why because he is matching everything combine with same color that why.

The men who worth style they also looking great but the mistake is shirt and shoe color if he is change shoe color or shirt color different different then it is also a great men clothes style.

And the Tick picture has everything is full fill why you know that because of his color of dress and the matching of clothes. If you don't know about style then simple to arrange your clothes take whole thing same color it's great or make a little change that is any one thing different color whole time.


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