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SN Formal Men Style SN Gentleman Style

SN Formal Men Style 

SN formal men style mean what? who people wearing dress without tie that is called formal men style. Formal men style is different types of style you have to know about it formal is also look like a gentleman style but the different is Tie, If any body is not wearing tie that is tie it means that is formal style.

SN formal men style when any body is wearing paint, jeans, coat and shirt with great matching that is formal style. But not only that is so many thing you can applying for a formal style or formal fashion when I explain you here about formal men style then you guys have little difficulty to understand about formal style so you can see in the picture of SN Formal Men Style.

SN Formal Men Style SN Gentleman Style

This is the SN formal men style example you see here this the one kinds of formal men style dress up not only like this guys so many types of dress that that is makes you unique stylish men.

Now SN going to explain about this picture you guys should know about this dress before I explain about this picture you guys carefully observe this picture. This picture is totally combine with proper color or matching.

Here the dress is white color Shirt and White Sneaker you can see here shoe is matching with shirt but never matching your shirt with shoe you know why because shoe is not for matching shirt shoe is only for t-shirt, jacket and coat.

SN formal style in this picture shoe is matching with shirt but you guys knows this is not a shoe this Sneakers that why SN matching with shirt and you guy also match you sneakers with shirt. Sneakers is perfect for everything guy don't forget this always remember this.

Here style some thing to explain about this picture you see I am only explain  about Shirt, Shoe and Sneakers now I am going to explain about whole thing about this picture the Jeans and Watch Belt are matching these color are same color is Grey if you guy matching some thing with some one then it looking great.

SN hole Formal style is totally depends up the perfect matching dress or perfect combination that you can see in this picture now less part of this picture Black Belt, Black Sunglasses and Socks Blue here black color matching.

Another SN Formal Men Style Picture

Another SN Formal Men Style Picture, previously I said the shoe is never match with your shirt why you know that but you can match your sneaker with your shirt because sneakers for everything that's why guys.

Here you can see the shoe is not matching with shirt shoe is matching with Belt, Watch Belt,and the Wallet Shoe color is also match with these right it is unique Formal Men Style
Always focus on these thing to matching you dress The Shirt Whit, Paint Blue and Socks is also blue with whit borders it;s perfect for your unique style mean Formal Men Style

So always focus on your daily style clearly observe each an everything for any kinds of dress up, the matching and combination is most importance for style or fashion.

One More SN Formal Men Style Picture

This is the 3th picture of SN Formal Men Style Here you can also see the shoe is not match with the shirt right. In this picture shirt is little different from other picture here the Check Shirt.

In This picture Shoe Brown, Belt Brown, Watch Brown and Wallet Brown. These for thing are matching with each other that's why it's looking great combination.

The Shirt, Paint Grey and Socks Grey. Some time socks is not matching but it's also looking great about SN experience hole time you guy apply same color of socks then you will get unique look or unique formal style.

Friends SN main motive is make you all stylish men that's why SN this SN Men Style site always be with style and SN for everything.

SN Gentleman Style

SN Gentleman Style mean what who wearing Tie that is Gentleman Fashion or gentleman look no need every time gentleman look need some time suppose for meeting, Interview and Seminar only for this time you can apply the Gentleman look to impress your boss.

Gentleman look very easy to get it first focus on the formal men style an little bit different between formal and gentleman style that is Tie on every formal style is a gentleman style, when you applying Tie then.

In this picture also you can see the Shoe Brown, Belt Brown, Wallet Brown and Watch Brown each and every these thing are matching each other.

Paint Blue, Socks Blue and Tie Blue these are same color when you guys want to get gentleman style then combine your dress like this, then you will get a unique look.

This gentleman dress picture shirt is white color always take a Shirt color is unique mean don't match your shirt color with anything that is gentleman style.

The Last Gentleman Style

The gentleman style people are not applying every time when it's wearing we know about it's and what is the different between formal and gentleman style that is Tie.

In this picture we can see here the dress combination Shoe Brown, Belt Brown and Watch Brown color these three are match and perfectly combination, and you guys also combine your gentleman style.

The Paint Grey, Shirt light Blue, Tie Blue and Socks grey color here only one paint or socks are match but shirt and tie is unique color.

But you can combine your tie with paint or some thing but never combine your tie with shirt.
Or shirt never ever combine with any thing because shirt need different color from your whole dress up.

Today you can see the formal style and gentleman style but it is together tomorrow we will see the Simple Style for everyone and then after we will see the separate Styles.


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