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How people are dressing in daily basis it is right or wrong, if don't know about dressing sense then first take a proper knowledge about dressing then start doing this an then you will be get a perfect look like this you can see the picture of perfect MEN STYLE below.           


Watch this picture properly, here he is wearing the dress. it's perfect everything is perfectly combine jacket, pant, shoes and his personality it's perfectly matched.
If you you want be a man like you mean what you are then follow the some rule and tips.

1. Tips number one:-

Always do some exercise physical fitness.

2. Tips Number Two:-

Eat healthy food.

3. Tips Number Three:-

Ignore bad habit.

4.Tips Number 4Th:-

Always combine dress and matched clothes.

These are the rules to get a perfect personality who always follow these rules then no one stop you to get gentleman personality.


Another how to combine the clothes in a daily basis you can watch the picture here only one think is not make you a stylish men you need more and always improve your self in a daily basis in the above picture there are something to make you stylish men now you need more then this to make a 7 days special. Mean every day you need something different from other then you will be a perfect man, an then people will called you stylish man in the world now you can see the example of the best man style below. Now here you can see the perfect example of stylish man you must need fit man then any kinds of dress must shut on you guys.

When you start fitness then  you must ignore bad habit, once you leave some negative activity then you will get a perfect body safe.

Here you watch carefully you get some clue about dress or man who makes stylish?

1.Clue number one :-

Dress not makes stylish man, Men makes a stylish dress.

2.Clue Number Two:-

Any costly dress not shut every people, if you are able for that dress then you will look like a stylish man.

3.Clue Number Three :-

If you have a perfect body safe then when you will wear cheapest cloth it's also look like a costly style depend on men how you are and what you are.

4. Clue number 4Th :-

Always be confident with your personality, don't embarrass your self be who you are like a men.

These all 4TH clue may be give you more confident when you are follow all the rules. If you are not believe on this blog then no problem bro just take one look of your self front of mirror then you will realize what are the different between hit with stylish men and what are the different between fat with stylish men if you are not find any kind of different between both then your choose.

Men Style Need very unique and Perfect.


Men style means we need very unique and different from other then it consider a men perfect style other wise it's totally worth so guys always focus these thing that is really looking great and awesome means guys look it the picture the men who wearing the clothes that is really great and perfect matching with Green Jacket, White T-Shirt, Light Blue Jeans and White shoe here the t-shirt and shoe are match and the jeans and jacket are different color right but the combination and arrangement is perfect I really like it you like this then you can also select this one.

Or guys if you are trust me then try once for fitness then told me what you achieve.
Thank you!
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